End of summer and end of waiting

I’m a bit chagrined at mentioning this but it appears I will be accepting a contract for another year of work.  I’d wanted to begin retirement and plunge into new things and instead I’ll be doing the same thing, although a little less of it, through next September.

With so many folks finding it hard to find a job, I am grateful.  I just didn’t see myself still working at this age, though heaven knows, most of my family worked much, much longer in their lives.

So my challenges this year will be to stop putting life on hold until “retirement” to make work a smaller part of my life instead of the driving priority and to see this extra year as a gift to be used, instead of a chore to be endured.

On another note, I generated some incidental income and learned how to self-publish a book for an author I met through an estate sale.  It was very rewarding to try something new and have it turn out well.

Our Financial Group met again in August.  We added to our list of tasks and crossed off a few.  We digitized some  important papers as well.  We signed up with Treasury Direct to learn how to buy TIPs and other government securities.

A funny story.  With all my efforts to use technology I was frustrated when I found out that the transfers I could do with my old bill pay system would now cost the same when done bank to bank.  Alternatively, I tried “transferring” funds by creating a bill payment from one of my bank accounts to the other which also fails because it takes 5 to 7 business days.

Finally, the obvious solution.  Just write myself a check from one account to the other! I plan to deposit it using the “phone capture” option.  Now I just need to get an iPhone.  Sort of defeats the whole idea of simplifying!


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One Response to End of summer and end of waiting

  1. KC says:

    You won’t regret getting the iPhone 5. It will change your life much like every other cool and useful electronic tool has in the past.

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